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Aloe Matters Wacky Cactus Weight Loss Programme

Contents, 56 pages:

Contents, two pages:

Contents, dynamic content:

  • Clean 9 - the 9-day nutritional cleansing plan

  • Write down your goals

  • Daily meal planner

  • Chart your progress

  • F.I.T. - the ongoing programme

  • The transition from Cleansing with Clean 9 to ongoing weight management

  • Commitment, Control and Compliance

Wacky Cactus Newsletters

The newsletters require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them, download a free copy of the reader here.

Current Issue of the Wacky Cactus:

September New products: Joost, Aloe Shave and a Forever Travel Pack. Microbeads product update
Back Issues:
October Forever Gardening and  Feel Good and Look Great
September Back to School, Vital5 Supporting the Nutrient Superhighway, NEW Essential Oils NEW
April What is Vitamin K2? Sun skin care and healthy holidays. EyeLuminate your eyes!
March Mother's Day and Easter gifts: Aroma Spa and Sonya Skincare, Flawless Makeup, Alpha-E Factor and Avocado Face and Body Soap. Energy Boost: ARGI+, NutraQ10, FAB...
February Healthy children. Healthy animals. Vitamin D update - avoid influenza.
January Looking better - feeling better: fuel your fitness and manage your weight. What is our immune system?
Christmas Fighting F.I.T. at Christmas - weight management, sport and fitness. Eating less for good health.
Late Autumn Full Fat for Good Health! The Forever F.I.T. Weight Management Programme. Christmas Presents.
Autumn The Forever equivalent to The Good Life. Vitamin D, Sunshine and Supplements. ***NEW*** product: Aloe BB crème - hydrates, primes, conceals and offers sun protection.
Winter Perfect Christmas gifts for friends: Aroma Spa Collection, Sonya Skincare Collection and Aloe Fleur de Jouvence.

Also, Sonya cosmetics are back - and better...

Summer Holiday Friends: what to take with you: Aloe2Go, Sunscreen cream and/or spray, lotion, aloe gelly, etc.
Spring Getting in shape for Summer: Clean 9 Weight Management. Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3
March Gifts for Mother's Day... Aroma Spa, Sonya Skincare, Make-up, Alpha-E Factor, Avocado Face & Body Soap.

The Easter egg challenge to your lifestyle - get fit for Summer with Forever Nutri-Lean.

February Gifts for Your Valentine...

and - Putting a Spring in your step - the power of Aloe Vera Gel, ARGI+ and FAB

January Healthy and Happy - exercise, vitamins and supplements for a healthy and happy life.

Shift some Christmas extra weight with Forever F.I.T. (For more info, also go to

October Preparing for Winter - boost the immune system and care for the skin.

Hold onto your suntan...

September Fitness for Life - continuing the Olympic legacy...

Product Updates: Pomesteen Power and Aloe Hand & Face Soap - new packaging same great contents.

August Skincare - NEW Aloe Fleur de Jouvence Collection

Another NEW PRODUCT - Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein

July A Summer for Sport - Olympics, Paralympics, Soccer, Cricket...

NEW PRODUCT - Forever Immublend

June Aloe on holiday - aloe and probiotics. 
Aloe with cranberries - help maintain a healthy urinary tract.
Cheddar Spring Water.
May Aloe on holiday - aloe pouches, FAB, sunscreen ands lotion.
Makeup with aloe vera.
April Products just for men? Bee pollen and an update on Aloe Vera Gel.
March Gifts for Mothers and MPD2x - bursting with the best. NEW PRODUCT - Hand sanitizer.
February Healthy Children and Animals! New Sonya hair care products.
January Good health needs good nutrition. Focus on Forever Freedom and looking after Winter skin.
December Little Black Dress & Dinner Jacket Diet Plan - dealing with the extra Christmas pounds!. Natural immune support from the beehive and Forever Cleaning.
November A picture of health this winter.  Earn money with the Business Opportunity.  Another look at the Christmas gifts.
October Christmas Gifts have arrived. Patrick Holford on why lifestyle is better than drugs for diabetes.
September Five top products. ARGI+ approved for professional athletes. Forever Cheddar Water
August Feel Good and Look Great. Forever Gardening and Vitamins for Kids
July Are you fit for life? Skincare in the sunshine. Joint care...
June Holiday essentials - better health, lower weight, more energy...
May Good health for all - we are what we eat. 
We also do cleaning products...
April The significant benefits of ARGI+ and the launch of a new product - the Aloe Sunscreen SPRAY
December Winter advice from the NHS. Appropriate Christmas gifts: Heat Lotion, Propolis Creme, Aloe Lips and Forever Bright Toothgel.
November Forever Christmas Presents - something for everyone... Aloe drinks, honey packs, hair care and perfume.
October Forever Green - a review of Forever's environmental credentials and quality control.  Three new products
September Forever Honey has arrived. Forever Nutraceutical has opened.  Forever Lifeline - helping others
August Something for everyone - Aloe First, Pomesteen Power, Aloe Scrub and Alpha-E Factor
July Happy Holidays - the healthy way to enjoy your holidays!

Benefits of Aloe Vera and the Vitality Packs

June Launching four new product packs - full of Vitality!

Read about the Forever Sports Vitality Pack, the Forever Beauty Vitality Pack, the Forever Holiday Vitality Pack and the Forever Wellbeing Vitality Pack

May Launching The Forever Reward Pack - save money on your daily spending. Mineral Make up and MPD - simply the best...
April How Forever Living Products can help with Rosacea.  Holistic Health - combining our products with an holistic approach. Bee Pollen and the benefits during the summer months.
March Here comes the sun - great. Here comes the high pollen count - not so great for Hay Fever sufferers.  Holiday skin care.
February St Valentines Day pampering ideas for him and her. Testimonials for Forever Nutri-Lean. Health in a glass - Aloe Vera Gel
January Forever Nutri-Lean Programme - to get rid of some Christmas over-indulgence. Dieting explained. Also, new product - Forever Freedom2Go.
December Forever Giving at Christmas.  All your present worries sorted! Also, continuing Aloe for radiant Skin.
November The great mineral heist - are we getting the minerals from our food that we need? Keeping your skin healthy.
October Propolis protects bees and humans.  Christmas is here again - present ideas.  MPD and Aloe Soap for all your cleaning needs.
September Good health from healthy digestion - probiotics can help. Clean and healthy teeth. Aloe Vera to prolong fruit and vegetable shelf life!
August Launching Nutri-Lean to help with weight loss and dieting. Skin cancer.
July Swine 'flu - don't panic, Hay Fever, Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and new packaging
June The power of Fish Oils in reducing cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer. Summer skin protection with Aloe Vera.
May Getting ready for Summer, Eczema up 40% and Deodorant stick with no aluminium salts
April Is premature death so tempting? New avocado soap and Casper's cut eye (Casper is a cat!)
March Animals and Aloe Vera and Mothering Sunday special offer
February Fish Oils do save lives, brittle eyelashes, blocked sinuses, sore lips, and leg shaving. Is the credit crunch biting?
January Weight Management - Change4Life. Forever Lean helping with weight management and Avocado Face & Body Soap for clean healthy skin 
December New Product Range - Aroma Spa Collection: indulge your senses with this new three-piece collection of Aromatherapy Spa products. Good nutrition = Good Health. 
November Freedom from arthritis and luxury skin care from the Sonya Skincare collection. Also testimonials about shiny hair, contraception and Vitamin C.
October Statins versus Omega 3 Fish Oils for lowering cholesterol. Probiotics. Christmas Present ideas
September Bees for health and well being - having an aloe bathroom and beating the credit crunch
August Aloe for healthy teeth, head lice and tackling eczema
July ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and now Aloe Vera helped. Autism was helped with Fish oil and Olive Oil.
June Get ready to GLOW this summer, Prostate Cancer
May New anti ageing skin care range
April All about allergies - Aloe Vera for mums, High and Low Blood Pressure
March Slow down ageing, Aloe Vera and cancer, Hay Fever
February For better health - Think Drink Aloe Vera, Mouth Ulcers, Stain removal
January 20% of children deficient on vitamin D, Fish Oils reduce dementia
December Male grooming - announcing a new men's range, Aloe Vera trial results, Supplements make you healthier
November Sonya cosmetics - the only ones with Aloe Vera, Forever Bright Toothgel testimonial
October The alternative antiperspirant, Aloe Liquid Soap - kind to children but tough on dirt, Horses can benefit from Aloe Vera
September Supplements do we need them, Forever Lite for weight management
August Not published due to flooding
July Echinacea can prevent a cold, Omega-3 for you and me
June Aloe Vera and X-ray burns, Active Probiotic for cleaner gut! MPD - Aloe Vera detergent with no detergent!
May Hay Fever, Arthritis, Get ready for summer
April Hormone Replacement Therapy, Prostate Cancer, Forever Active HA
March Aloe2Go - combining Aloe Vera with Pomesteen - high in anti-oxidants, High Blood Pressure & Multi Maca
February Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Multiple Sclerosis
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